Monday, 25 September 2017

Our Newbies Learn to Read

We are so proud of all the hard work Room 11 have been putting into their reading.  
Thank you to all the Mummy's, Daddy's, brother's, sister's, grandparent's and 'add-ons' that have been helping us. You are doing a great job. I have noticed a HUGE improvement with everyone remembering their letter sounds and Word Bank words. Ka pai!

I just wanted to share this video I captured today of our two newest class members Indigo and Zoey. This is just their second time EVER reading a story and look at them go!

  • Can you see them using the pictures to help them work out a word? 
  • Can you see them scanning from left to right? 
  • Can you see them pointing to each word as they read it?

So many skills being used at once. 
Super proud. Miharo!

Thursday, 21 September 2017


Yesterday we teamed up with Room 12 and tried our hand at badminton. We listened very carefully to instructions and showed fabulous balance, co-ordination and persistence.

What did your child like the best about this experience?

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Hungry Caterpillars and Finding our Feet in Room 11

Last week Room 11 combined with Room 12 to learn all about 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. Thanks to Mrs Nelson (who is very crafty) we had a HUGE range of awesome learning experiences.

We made cool caterpillar hats.  Here we are wearing them...

Then we made our very own hungry caterpillar. They are now hanging out in Room 11. We have to remember to feed (water) them every day so that they start to grow their fur. It was so much fun and we listened very carefully to instructions.

Throughout the week, we had to D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read) every time we heard the special 'ding-dong' over the loud speaker. Room 11 are fantastic readers and had a great time exploring new genre.

In amongst it all Stu Duval (our 'author in residence') gave us some tips on how to draw. Now we can be illustrators of our very own stories. 

Mrs Harding helped us with our Art. Here we are dying our T.Shirts. Have a look next time you come into the classroom. They are hanging up and look totally awesome.

We are getting pretty good at forming our letters properly. Here we are doing some sensory handwriting with shaving foam. Not only are we doing great learning, but we are cleaning the tables and making the class smell great at the same time. Ha ha.

My gosh! So much done in just one week.
Great job Room 11!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Stu Duval - Author in Residence

It is literacy week at Sunnyhills School and for the past few days we have had author and illustrator Stu Duval in residence.

Yesterday he told us the most AMAZING story and gave us great tips for creating our own cartoon characters using letters.

Here is a video and some pictures from the morning.

Check out his website - you can learn heaps of cool things including how to draw dinosaurs!
Have a go and bring your creations into school to show us!